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The Sandow Giphoscope by OKKULT Motion Pictures

The Giphoscope n° 48 is an interactive sculpture displaying a 24 frames printed GIF excerpted by OKKULT Motion Pictures from Sandow, a 1894 Edison video. According to vaudeville historian Joe Laurie, Jr. Sandow - who was managed by Flo Ziegfeld - was ‘the greatest of the strong men and who received the most publicity’.

The Sandow Giphoscope has a brand new, redesigned hand-crank: we wanted to make it more functional and elegant, and all the new Giphoscopes will have a hand-crank like this one. The metallic structure in matte aluminum for the main components and a particular checkered aluminum for the ‘corners’. The support is available both in wood and marble.

The Sandow Giphoscope by OKKULT Motion Pictures is on sale. For further informations please contact us at giphoscope@gmail.com.
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